Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Dark Side of the Sun: About noise and signal

I managed to finish this animated project called "the dark side of the sun".
I will make an extensive post about it soon.
Right now I have the urge to tell you what I discovered drawing for animation.
Basically, animation punishes you everytime you make a wrong choice of what it's really important and what's not.
Did you put a detail that wasn't necessary in your character design? Now draw it a thousand times!
It's like having a brutal old fashioned teacher sitting on your back!

That brought my style and the whole idea of drawing, expecially drawing characters, to a very new place.

The images above are the key pose drawings I had to do to let the animators to their job without having to guess by trial and error how and what to draw. They are only a sample (I had to do many, MANY more drawings doing the preproduction) of what I discovered.

I'm very proud of the results, and it may seem stupid to you that I consider the drawing above the biggest step forward in style I've ever made in years, and probably the best drawings I've ever made. People usually like my work because it's very detailed and complex, so the drawings above may look cheap, worthless 10 minutes sketches (and I actually had 10/20 minutes to decide/do the shots so it's partly true :) ).

These drawings are very important to me for their consistency and, at last, a good balance between noise and signal: that's my only goal when I start a drawing, illustration or comic panel.

What's next? Using my new skills doing comics as soon as possible!


Shishitsu Nari said...

Ti prego, tienimi aggionrata su questo progetto, voglio vederlo assolutamente. *_*

LRNZ said...

Agli ordini! :V

The Passenger said...


ps always super busy?

LRNZ said...

grazzzzie :)
possiamo sentirci quando vuoi, meno casini ^___^;

Gianluca Folì said...

già sai. la meraviglia di quella sera ancora mi gira in testa :^)

LRNZ said...

Grazie Gianlù! Come butta il tuo progetto milanese?

cooksappe said...

wow.. O____________o

Giulio said...

Per quel che può valere, concordo con te: sono le cose migliori che hai realizzato :)

LRNZ said...


Ynfidel said...

ae lrnz che bel pst. E che posto accipicchia. incanto su 0007_8.jpg e 0001_2.jpg. Sento che il fumetto ti chiama per rituffartivici con inedito braccio e mente. Non si vede ll'ora te l'assicuro.

LRNZ said...

Heinz Ricchi, Erighis: tornerò! Torneroooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.