Sunday, October 04, 2009


BANGART reissued MEGA PORNO, my personal take on porn originally published on XZ Comics, by coniglio editore, a bible of porn, made by SUPERAMICI.
It's 8 full colour pages on two spreads, in a new horizontal fashion.

As a gift, you get a 2 page nonsense interview with that no vowel named hominid.

As you can see, the cover is for James Jean, he gets a big nice special - poster included, and just because he's one of my favourite artists, I will boast with my friends for a week or so ("I'm on the same magazine with James Jean, you don't"), making myself the worst person on earth, ever. So basically: stay away for a week and we will still be good friends.

BANGART is out NOW, so go ask your newsagent.