Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The Dark Side of the Sun is a film about children that have a very rare disease, XP.
In people with XP, sun causes skin cancer and other serious body damage even with very short exposure to it's UV rays.

Dan & Karen Mahar decided to make a dream come true and founded Camp Sundown, a very special place in the woods north of new york, where all the children with XP could play together in a UV free environment.

Carlo Hintermann (Citrullo International) went to Camp Sundown to shoot what it started as a plain documentary.
Things changed a lot :)

I was asked to try a completely different take on the narrative and develop an animated side story.
Now I'm so involved with this project I don't think I will find the time for anything else unless It's finished (march 2011, very optimistic).

The whole project will end in a 30/40 minutes 2K animated story, done in 2d traditional (but paperless) animation.
I'm now biulding a small and fast super hero team (4/5 people at the most) to help me with this ridiculous amount of work to do (8-12 fps hand drawn stuff!).

NHK, Japanese TV, is co-producing.
I'm VERY excited.

Here are the first studies, hope you'll like 'em!

Father Night:






A first study of all the characters:

And a style/quality test render:

Sunday, August 22, 2010


A doodle I did one year ago at maremoto festival.
Always liked it, never understood why.
Today I noticed it resembles Kaki King.
Kaki King in my opinion is one of the most beautiful being in the world, ever (not to mention she's one of my favourite musicians too - if you never heard anything have a Look: 1. 2. 3. 4. and 5.).
Maybe this explains why I was satisfied with the doodle.
End of the story.

Yes: no way to sleep tonight and it's half past five in the morning.