Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm very excited to announce that my work on Golem has finally started.
Golem is my first long story, something between 23 and 25 episodes total, for approximately 500 pages.

First episode out on Pic Nic N°1, end of april 2010.

"Golem", original story by LRNZ, future concept and background scripting by Emanuele Sabetta, screenplay by Daniele Capuano and Alessandro Caroni, art by LRNZ.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Designed this logo/mascotte for THE international Anime event, in collaboration with BANDAI, Shueisha, Studio Pierrot, SONY ANIPLEX, Toei Animation, TV Tokyo and Sunrise.

From their website:

The first and official live event made and performed by the
Japanese creators of the famous Manga and Anime series
WORLD PREMIERE – PARIS, Zénith - October 2010
The Greatest SHOW OF MANGA & ANIME ever conceived in the World.
JAPAN ANIME LIVE is an extraordinary event that brings live on stage the “all-star” of
the world of Japanese animation such as NARUTO-SHIPPUDEN,
and GUNDAM Series.
A unique show for the first time on tour in Europe.
JAPAN ANIME LIVE is a mix of live action, live recitation, special stories, flamboyant
effects and live music to sing along with the public the original theme songs of the TV
JAPAN ANIME LIVE is a fast paced POP OPERA that puts into reality a world of fantasy
and its heroes. A time-space gate that connects the fans with the dream world of Anime. A “must-attend” event for all cosplayers and Japanese pop culture lovers in general.
JAPAN ANIME LIVE is what you will never watch on TV: in fact all animations and
stories have been re-created and re-edited exclusively for the show and what’s more, they contain hidden facts about the stories of the beloved Anime characters.
Over two and half hours of breathtaking show, divided into five chapters, each one
devoted to an animated series, dynamically orchestrated by a script that combines all the different elements of the show.
All contents featured in JAPAN ANIME LIVE are licensed and created by Aniplex, Toei
Animation, Sunrise, Pierrot, TV Tokyo and Shueisha, which are the major Japanese
Anime-maker companies.