Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dai Superamici mi guardi Superdio che dai Supernemici mi guardo io.

Superamici are a special guest of BILBOLBUL 2009, that will take place in Bologna, March 4-8. We will have the big square, "Piazza del Nettuno", to make our exhibition. This image is the official illustration for a convention/lecture we were invited to do by Hamelin. We will talk about or work and our special project for the exhibition! I will post the date of the event here! Don't miss it!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

U2 for Rolling Stone magazine. Wrong.

I'm veeeery happy.
I was contacted by Mr. Marco Cendron, art director for Rolling Stone Magazine, to do some illustration work. My job was to introduce NO LINE ON THE HORIZON by U2. I tried to develop their abstract cover (by the japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto) into a narrative illustration that helped me to skip the "draw Bono Vox minigame" step while adding a more dramatic, hyeratic feeling to the piece.
It's like the next image in a sequence with the album cover. Where do these huge things come from? Where are they going? Why did they stop over the city?
I wanted to draw an advent, not a tribute: this was to keep the sensation of a new thing coming, I didn't want to celebrate the old good U2.

Now the funny part. The illustration you see above is NOT the one that will be published on RSM because I was so excited to work with them that I didn't ask for the image W/H ratio they needed.
Guess what? I had to redraw the whole image in an horizontal format and throw away this one :)
Well I was so happy to do some drawings that it was a double pleasure: I did the second image (wich has a wider angle and holds much more details in it) in a night session of work, from scratch to finished color version.
The "right"version of the illustration will be published on RSM March 2009 issue, I will show the final artwork here sooner or later.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Some preproduction stuff...

Astrogamma first draft!


A preview for a short comic published by Coniglio Editore on BLUE "SNIFF COMICS" special issue.
As the name suggests, this special erotic magazine's thread is "smell".
Ratigher of SUPERAMICI published a story on the same issue too!
Don't miss it!


Cover Illustration for the special SUPERAMICI XCOMICS issue, "donne nude con le mani in tasca", published by Coniglio Editore.


Superamici VS porn.
This is my personal take on sexy comics, published on XCOMICS, SUPERAMICI Special Issue "donne nude con le mani in tasca" by Coniglio Editore. The story is about a couple that grow bigger and bigger while having sex. That's it. They get so big that, after destroying a whole city, they become too heavy even for the earth's gravitational field. They detach from he planet and get lost in space becoming a symbol of universal beauty and will expand more than the universe itself as long as they continue to love each other.