Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Here are 2 book covers I did for Coniglio Editore.
One is for Solomon Kane, a novel by Conan the barbarian's author, the other is for Sinister Barrier, a classic scifi weird story.
Never did a cover for a book.
So I started with two :)

Both covers were done in the same VERY quick technique (2hours each).
It's basically a quick draft photoshop sketch, layered with true paint spatters, and then rendered with a quick, standard photoshop white brush.

The original files are very big, while the final output will be rather small so I didn't care to hide all the photoshop artifacts as they will blend during the downscaling process generating interesting subpixel details.

Below the covers and the process!

Here is Solomon Kane:

And Sinister Barrier:

And the process:

Quick sketch:

Watercolour Spatter:

Rendering details:

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