Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Ok I know: this is a borderline illustration work.
It's more a illustration on photos process.
I usually don't like people working with photos.

Still I want to share it on this blog.

It's my work for Meet in Town, a music festival in Rome.
Xister involved me in the project as a creative director.

Honestly, I started working on it as a joke, but it did get dead serious in the end!
The basic idea was to develop a 3 step communication process, a teaser, the evolution and the final images.

Each step is made of 3 images and three simple animations I made starting from the illustrations.

The concept is very easy: 3 huge mysterious objects are coming, one from the desert, one from the ocean and one from the sky (yes, it's a SENTAI tribute).
Where do they come from and what are they coming for?

Then I got this idea to use the main auditorium structures as alien vessels and it was very fun to develop.
Hope that Renzo Piano will have fun as much as I did.

I hope that after the whole set of posters is out, somebody will think of the real auditorium as a GIANT action figure set of a sci fi movie rather than modern architecture. Maybe it will look like a fake repro of my spaceships.

Moreover: you are actually going INTO those BIG spaceships - to party.

These are the first images, including some previews for the next round of illustrations.

Here are the first three videos:




Font by ADE Creative Studio!

Music and SFX by SNOB/MIT


giovanni simoncelli said...

L'idea รจ molto bella e
i poster sono fighissimi!
Viva i bacarozzi volanti! ;)

Sergio said...

ma spettacolare!!! bravo!!

3gatti said...