Monday, June 22, 2009


I finished the animation process, still have to do the post production, but I built a sort of beta of the whole animation. Many errors can be spotted here and there and most important: keep in mind that post production is TOTALLY garbage, it's more a placeholder for things to come, but it gets to the point for a demo presentation of the project.
I will post the final thing (no ugly flares popping out from nowhere etc etc) as soon as I have the time to fix everything.
The whole promo of "the dark side of the sun" will be shown early this week at the international documentary market "the sunny side of the doc" (no it's not a joke, and it wasn't intentional) in la Rochelle, France.
In the end I'm very happy for what came out in five days of work (thanks to Gabriele Gianni who helped me with the colour fills for the cels), I hope I will have the chance to animate again soon.
Here is a frame of animation and the whole thing on youtube HD (only the animation part, the full promo will be online very soon). Watch it fullscreen and HD, please.
Hope you'll like it.

Music by: Carlo Hintermann and Mario Salvucci
Editing: Piero Lassandro
Assistant animator: Gabriele "Hundred Paintbucket Fist" Gianni


Sabrine said...

Ho letto bene, solo 5 giorni di realizzazione? Lo trovo davvero magnifico :)

amal said...

non so.

credo di odiarti con tutta me stessa.

LRNZ said...

Grazie Sabrine!
Bhe si sono stati 5 giorni proprio pieni pieni, 4 ore di sonno a notte e sempre inchiodato al tavolo.
Ho visto i tuoi lavori sul blog, veramente usi solo il mouse? In particolare dove intervieni dipingendo (tipo su the hanged man) mi sembra veramente un miracolo. Immagino però che dipenda da li l'estrema pulizia dei tuoi lavori. Complimenti.

Amal, è il destino di chi disegna poco MUAHAHAHAHAH

The Passenger said...

Sti cazzi! Lorenzo, ne ho fatta anche io una da solo ma di pochi secondi e devo dirti che 'sto lavoro è fantastico!!!

MyGi said...

Complimenti davvero bello!!!

Leeza Hooper said...

Complimenti. Molto bello. Bel tratto.


LRNZ said...

Graaaaaazie Leeza!