Friday, June 12, 2009


My friend Carlo Hintermann is directing a film called "The Dark Side Of The Sun".
It's about a very rare genetic disease that causes lethal skin cancer when you are exposed to sunlight.
It will host approx. 20 minutes of animation, and I'm in charge for this part of the movie.
I will do everything, from scratch to finish, including backgrounds and compositing.
I want to test myself on a big animation project, that's why I'm in.
It's been a while I wanted to do this, and after seeing Makoto Shinkai's works I started thinking more positively about the chance to do an animation short, all alone.
Here is the first background (click the image to see it), a multi layered image that spans thru 8 HD screens to allow parallactic panning.
I'll try to keep posting new stuff as soon as I finish each step. The first minute must be ready on thursday so expect more coming very soon.

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