Saturday, September 29, 2007


Feroze and Ravinder said...

Great stuff, are you a fan of Mobius or Liberatore? Great design.Nice lines.
Love the astronaught girl.

LRNZ said...


Here are my favourite of all times and my greatest inspiration:
Liberatore, Moebius, Mead, Terada, Pazienza, Chichoni, Bolland, Otomo, Mc Cay, Segar, Ricci, Morimoto, Myazaki.
I realy love the polish film poster illustration school too!

feroze said...

Knew you'd be a fan of Chichoni!, we love Otomo and Miyazaki, Polish film illustration too, as well as Brian Bolland. Terada is a fave of ours too. Love your stuff, and really enjoyed your comic on Drawn!