Wednesday, September 07, 2011

KABOOM! | Fallout 3

Christian G. Marra of Passenger Press asked me to do this 24x17 piece about apocalypse in videogames, more specifically in Fallout 3. Destination: Bizzarro Magazine, Kaboom issue.
And now some extra contents! In between of the work:

My usually dirty draft. I generally lay down the final idea in the first 10 seconds of work.
As you can guess (not see, as it's VERY draft), there's a second guy on the back getting the nuka cola cap. This was my first concept of the work. Showed it to my friend Rrobe and he gave me the brilliant idea to eliminate the second character and let the bad guy interact with the spectator, throwing the cap towards the camera. That was a really smart solution and so I did (it even eliminates the need of a second character to draw, yessss!).

A first separation of the foreground drawing from the backdrop.
Lights are defined, some minor changes on the anatomy still have to occur.

Annnnnd: here is the final piece!
Can't wait to see the printed one.


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