Sunday, March 27, 2011


First of all THANK YOU for the HUUUUGE positive feedback for Viewpoint and Doctor H.
I'm very sorry but right now it's impossible for me to follow all the packing and shipping procedures as I'm at the end of the production process for my film so I'm pretty busy: I'll start again shipping orders from the 25th of April.

Anyway if you still want to place an order now procedure is always the same:
write me at B U R O M A S C H I N E N ( A T ) G M A I L . C O M

Just keep in mid I won't start shipping again anytime sooner the 25th of april, 2011.

Last but not least, here are the available prints!

They are all high quality digital prints, pencil signed by me, printed on 329 x 483 mm heavy matte Tintoretto Felt Embossed paper.
Each print is €20.00, but if you buy two it's €15.00 each.

Enjoy (and sorry for the bad pics,it's iphone magic, no time for a proper photo setup, my store is coming sooooon :P )!

NOVA | Dance Boy Dance


Golem: Aleph

Zeroguide Set 01

Sprawl: Mechanic Phunk



Gli Odorini Migliori Che Esistono | 2

Astrogamma | Character Model Sheet


Zeroguide Openers Set A

Honba Hyper Laser Vision


Donne Nude Con Le Mani In Tasca

Golem: Steno

Astrogamma: first panel



RRobe said...

Donne Nude Con le Mani in Tasca e Nicotine, per me!

silvialbi said...

gli odorini.
gli odorini.
e una donna
nuda anche
per me.
se avanza.

Anonymous said...

tanto ti odio. che me li compro a fare?

a presto superLRNZ

Spugna said...

un sacco di roba pesa.

Ilaria Catalani said...

Grazie per il commento sul mio blog! Stupendi i tuoi lavori! (TwT)!!

Galatina said...

hai un gusto per le cose fighe che fa paura complimenti!