Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The Dark Side of the Sun is a film about children that have a very rare disease, XP.
In people with XP, sun causes skin cancer and other serious body damage even with very short exposure to it's UV rays.

Dan & Karen Mahar decided to make a dream come true and founded Camp Sundown, a very special place in the woods north of new york, where all the children with XP could play together in a UV free environment.

Carlo Hintermann (Citrullo International) went to Camp Sundown to shoot what it started as a plain documentary.
Things changed a lot :)

I was asked to try a completely different take on the narrative and develop an animated side story.
Now I'm so involved with this project I don't think I will find the time for anything else unless It's finished (march 2011, very optimistic).

The whole project will end in a 30/40 minutes 2K animated story, done in 2d traditional (but paperless) animation.
I'm now biulding a small and fast super hero team (4/5 people at the most) to help me with this ridiculous amount of work to do (8-12 fps hand drawn stuff!).

NHK, Japanese TV, is co-producing.
I'm VERY excited.

Here are the first studies, hope you'll like 'em!

Father Night:






A first study of all the characters:

And a style/quality test render:


Juan D Tenorio said...

Great Job!

I find your blog browsing through the net, and I think that you have an awesome level in your works.

(and I will visit your blog every now and again)

amal said...

un mio amico oggi dice di te: "LRNZ è un personaggio psichedelico. Sicuramente ha delle droghe nella graffite".

E io aggiungo: talmente tanto buone che quando guardi i suoi lavori non puoi rimanere imbambolato a scavare nei mondi che mette su carta :*

amal said...

non puoi FAR ALTRO che rimanere imbambolato...

LRNZ said...


Ryan Lovelock said...

Spettacolo! :)