Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BILBOLBUL 2009 | Diverso da me. All’improvviso non sono più io...

From Bilbolbul website:
“Diverso da me. All’improvviso non sono più io...” (Different from me. Suddenly I am not myself any more...) is the theme of the second comic contest referred to all the elementary and the intermediate schools in Bologna and its province. What would happen if once we waked up with the head of an animal instead of ours? Starting from this idea, the young participants invented the stories that are going to be showed in the exhibition. The best stories will be awarded during the Bilbolbul festival. The exhibition is being prepared in Sala Borsa Ragazzi and it's also showing the works of some famous cartoonists who are testing themselves on the same theme. Moreover, the exhibition is moving all over the libraries in Bologna and its province, creating new meeting oppurtunities for children and for all the citizens. The initiative is promoted by Provincia di Bologna, Emil Banca, Biblioteca Sala Borsa Ragazzi, in collaboration with Quartiere San Vitale and Quartiere Savena; and it is shared by Biblioteca Casa di Khaoula, Biblioteca Natalia Ginzburg, Biblioteca Scandellara, Biblioteca Comunale di Crespellano, Biblioteca Comunale di Monte San Pietro, Biblioteca Comunale di San Giorgio di Piano, Biblioteca Comunale di Zola Predosa.

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